Using Outlook to organise email – Webinar

Using Outlook to organise email – Webinar

It is pretty much impossible to imagine a business world without email – it makes work easier and communication faster. Some see email as a blessing; others see it as a curse. Especially those who get flooded with too many emails, finding their best attempts at time management pushed to the limit. Using an email system (Outlook) can help you approach email in a more organised manner.

How you benefit

In our workshop, you will:

  • Receive an overview of Outlook functionalities that help you optimise email
  • Actively learn how to best manage your time using Outlook
  • Use practical exercises to work through optimisation topics



Our workshop targets all employees who work with email on a daily basis and use Outlook to manage their email.

Topics covered

  • Outlook as a toolHow many email folders do I need?
  • How can I quickly and easily find my emails?
  • Inbox views – how can I display conversations?
  • Using the Rules Wizard
  • Creating standard text for recurring emails (e.g. offers)
  • The difference between ‘To:’ and ‘CC:’


Practice-oriented trainer input and discussions; knowledge exchange; one-on-one training with goal-oriented tutoring; support for daily business.

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Your trainer:

Carsten Meyer-Mumm went back to University of Hamburg part-time to obtain a degree in business administration, majoring in logistics. He worked for Schenker Deutschland AG for 22 years, working in various management roles, assuming responsibility within Europe and also globally. One of his achievements include introducing a new transportation management system across the region of Europe. His key areas of specialisation include project and process management, logistics, human resources management, training and business coaching. He currently teaches courses in Global Supply Chain Management, Project Management, International Human Resource Management and Diversity Management at the Northern Business School in Hamburg.

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